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Clothing Designed to Slip Across the Body and Fasten

How do you change clothes after injury or surgery?

Plan to have shoulder, hip, knee foot surgery?

Break an arm or leg... get a cast or brace and then think about how you will change clothes?

We may have a solution for you. Since 2008, we have designed, manufactured, tested and improved clothing to offer patients and caregivers an alternative to the hospital gown or ripping up good clothes. Patients and caregivers in multiple health care environments have found that the modular medical apparel with plastic snap closures on shirts and pants is easier on the patient as well as the caregiver. No more struggling to change clothing and very little body lifting by caregivers to change a patient's clothing.

This photo shows you a Reversible Modular Shirt that may be flipped front to back opening on the side of the body injury or surgery. The neckline is the same in the front of the shirt as in the back of the shirt.

The hidden plastic snap fasteners are placed along the top of one shoulder and from the under arm sleeve down the down to the shirt hem. A stationary seam line is placed on the opposite side of the snapped side. This ensures that the shirt stays together when in the laundry— no lost parts.

Since introducing the product line in 2008, the Al Barry Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, created to serve Wounded Warriors and Veterans, the shirts are now offered in several styles. In addition to the Reversible Modular Shirt, the Critical Care Modular Shirt is designed with a pocket sized for a monitor device and has plastic snap fasteners along both shoulders and on one side.

Easy on the patient and easy on the caregiver! Both shirts are slipped across the body and snapped. The patient may be lying in bed, sitting or standing when the shirt is slipped across the body. Assistance may be required with the snap fasteners. This avoids having to pull the shirt over the head and down the chest.

The most popular item in the two year testing period has been the Modular Gym Shorts. The Modular Gym Shorts have hidden snap fasteners along one side and the entire inseam. A drawstring elastic waist provides flexibility at the waistline. Young and older men have worn these following hip and knee surgery. This may also a good solution for patients with leg braces and other medical devices.

The following testimony by a customer says it all:

I recently had knee replacement surgery and was fortunate enough to have access to the medical clothing. The clothing is the highest quality and most purpose designed clothes that I've ever seen. I've had several major surgeries in my life and the hospital gowns as well as my personal bed clothes were ALWAYS uncomfortable, hard to get into and out of, and poorly designed for IV lines, drain lines, catheters, etc. This clothing was designed for all hospital and physical therapy procedures.

The wicking ability takes away the discomfort brought about by the perspiring that comes with spending days lying in bed. The garments are also attractive enough that you can feel comfortable walking down the hospital hall as well as wearing them in public. Hospital visits are never fun, but the more negatives that can be eliminated, the less stressful the ordeal is.

Once I had no further need for this clothing, l passed them along to a friend who had been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. He was hospitalized for about a week before l gave him this clothing. It changed his mental outlook considerably when he no longer had the hassle of wearing that hospital gown. He was in the hospital for about a month and still faces a long recovery process. It has been 6 months, to this point, and he still utilizes this clothing.

My sincere appreciation goes out to Barry Basics for the opportunity to use their clothing and for their efforts on behalf of the Wounded Warrior program.

Richard Corbin, South Carolina

Boxer Shorts, Gym Shorts, and Long Pants with Snag Fasteners

The Boxer Shorts, Gyms Shorts, and Long Pants have the same basic construction. The snap fasteners are on one side and the on the entire inseam. A stationary seam on one side prevents loss of parts during laundry. An elastic drawstring waist adjust for comfort. The snap fasteners are hidden from view and look like sportswear rather than medical clothing.

Shirts and pants are constructed in a one piece finished garment to allow a method of "slipping the garments across the body" rather than pulling a garment overhead, manipulating arms for sleeve coverage, or pulling a garment up the body over legs and abdomen" creating stress, strain and possible pain for the patient and caregiver. The seam openings are positioned to provide quick body access for treatment and accommodate medical equipment.

The apparel has been tested in hospitals, rehab centers, and in home health care settings. In each test market, patients and caregivers like the comfort and utility of the apparel. "Dignity and comfort" were the most used words to describe the apparel by patients. "Ease in changing" has been the description by caregivers of the apparel worn by patients recovering from hip/knee surgery, broken bones, shoulder/arm surgery; during cancer treatment; and hospice care.